Believe it or not there are pet friendly carpets out there that will allow you to have carpets and a pet. Pets love carpets they are soft and comfy for them and are better on their little paws than slippery tiles or glossy hardwood floors. But you hate having to clean up all those accidents and deal with the smell, and spot cleaning isn’t always enough. Here are some things to consider when looking for pet friendly carpets; some carpets have been specifically made to prevent pet accidents from leaking through the carpet to the carpet padding where the moisture can promote the growth of mold. It is recommended to look for gel and waterproof carpet backing to prevent leakage, and special carpet pads to protect the carpet and your floors under the carpet. Carpets with stain resistance are an extra protection against pet accidents because they coat each fiber and repel moisture.

When choosing which type of carpet to buy, always choose a cut pile, carpets come in a cut or a looped pile, animal claws can get caught on the looped piles and cause the carpet fibers to tear, or much worse, hurt your pet whose nail is caught in the carpet.

There are a few different types of carpet fibers to choose from, but not all are pet friendly. Nylon, Olefin, and polyester are all stain resistant, but not to the same degree. Nylon has the strongest fiber of the two, which will hold up better in homes with lots of traffic from people and pets. Nylon is the most durable, is the most commonly used carpet fiber, and comes in a larger variety of styles. It can be treated to be more stain resistant. Many carpet companies are making pet friendly nylon carpets with a pet urine resistance warranty, and all for a good price for synthetic fibers. Polyester isn’t as strong or durable as nylon but it is a great choice for stain and fade resistant, the fibers are soft and it is kind to your wallet. Olefin is also another good choice for stain and fade resistance, it is the preferred carpet for rooms that get a lot of sunlight, it won’t absorb water, and it is also budget friendly.

You can buy carpets that come in tiles, or pieces, so you can easily change out the pieces that are heavily stained without having to change out your entire room, or living with lots of old messes.

Shop around when investing in a pet friendly carpet, there are lots of choices of brands that offer pet urine warranties, are heavily stain resistant, reduce the collection of pet hair so it’s easy to vacuum out, and at a won’t break the bank cost. It’s worth the investment to buy carpets that are specifically designed for pets, your carpets will last longer, your floors underneath will stay intact, you will reduce pet odors, and you will be able to easily clean up pet accidents.